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You are the only human student at St. PigeoNation’s Institute, a school for talented birds. Your goal is to find love in this bird dating sim visual novel. The decisions you make affect your story and determine which bird you romantically pursue.


My friend, knowing that I had not yet played a bird dating sim (shocking, I know!), generously surprised me with Hatoful Boyfriend from the Humble Bundle Spring Sale.

Rather than reviewing this bizarre bird dating sim in depth, I’ll share screenshots of my experience:

Hatoful Boyfriend 01
I show up for my first day at school and I’m already running late! Jeepers!
Hatoful Boyfriend 02
I have to decide which school activity I want to participate in. Library staff!
Hatoful Boyfriend 03
After going on a run and getting lost, I meet Azami, a sparrow with an affinity for traffic laws.
Hatoful Boyfriend 04
I get a summer job at a cafe. Apparently, I have a thing for my boss.
Hatoful Boyfriend 05
A gang of pigeons threatened to beat me up and steal my cash! Oh my!
Hatoful Boyfriend 06
My quail math teacher is narcoleptic… and evidently occasionally sleeps in washing machines.
Hatoful Boyfriend 07
The English translation is quite good. No errors at all.
Hatoful Boyfriend 08
The crazy partridge doctor locked me in a room. I’m in despair! Thankfully, the math teacher is there to rescue me.
Hatoful Boyfriend 09
After my rescue, I apparently confess to my math teacher that I have feelings for him. He says I’m a little young, but to come back to him after I graduate. He’ll be waiting for me. Sudden cut to game credits.

In subsequent games, I also pursued the pigeons Okosan (the pudding-loving captain of the track team) and Yuuya (the flirty infirmary assistant).

Hatoful Boyfriend 10
Our class decided to have a “maid cafe.” My crush, Okosan, would rather be nude than wear his maid costume.
Hatoful Boyfriend 11
Yuuya and I went on a date. He teased me to get me to hold his hand.

Before I can recommend that “everybirdie” buy this game, I would like to see more decision-making opportunities in the game. Hatoful Boyfriend is pretty much a lot of text with very few decisions to make. Replayability could be better, too; although there are several different endings and side stories, the base story remains the same each time. That makes it hard to want to pursue all potential bird boyfriends. 🙁

You might like this game if you like…

  • Dating pigeons (obviously)
  • Giving delicious beans to your love interests
  • Visual novels without a lot of choices
  • Lots and lots of screens of text
  • Deciding between attending math class, gym, or music class
  • Male birds wearing maid costumes

Want to play?

$9.99 on Steam and Humble Store