Shroud of the Avatar Announcement

This morning, Richard “Lord British” Garriott (creator of the Ultima series) announced a new multiplayer fantasy RPG called Shroud of the Avatar. A recording of the live stream is below:

The game is being backed by Kickstarter. The $10 “Guilt Pledge” made me laugh:

If you ever pirated an Ultima game or used an exploit to grief other players in Ultima Online, here’s your chance to repent! For your $10 donation you will receive a clear conscience and Lord British’s undying gratitude.

Here are some of the highlights of the game (taken from the Kickstarter page):

  • Classless character system
  • Player housing in villages, towns, and cities
  • Crafting system that avoid busy work
  • Meaningful PVP that also minimizes griefing
  • Scene-based encounters

Shroud of the Avatar is going to be a multiplayer online game, but not an MMO. You can also play it single player/offline. It’s planned to work on PC, Mac, and Linux, but potentially also on mobile devices:

Interestingly, I now play more hours on mobile than I do on desktop, as is true for many gamers! As a result, one of our “Stretch Goals” is to develop Shroud of the Avatar so it can be played in some form on mobile devices as well. (source)

The game is estimated to be released in October 2014 and there will be a closed alpha and beta. The alpha is expected to be available in December 2013. If you want early access to the game, be sure to contribute to the Kickstarter. If you’re quick enough, you may even get one of the limited “First Responder” rewards, like I did. 🙂