TIL – Chrome, LoL, and Baby Dovahkiin

What have I learned so far today?

  1. Chrome has passed up Firefox for the first time in terms of worldwide market share (source).
  2. League of Legends now has more active players than World of Warcraft (source).
  3. A couple is going to receive free games for life from Bethesda because they named their son (born on Skyrim’s release date, 11/11/11) Dovahkiin, which means “dragonborn” in Skyrim’s Dragon Language (source).

TIL – Tolkien, WTF, and spaghettification

So much for a daily “today I learned.” 😛 Here’s what’s new in my brain today:

  1. Tolkien played a major role in C.S. Lewis’s conversion from atheism to Christianity (source)
  2. “Hva faen?” is how you say “WTF?” in Norwegian (source)
  3. “Spaghettification” is not just a fun word; it’s a real thing having to do with astrophysics (source)

TIL – Buses, XML, and apples

Inspired by the Today I Learned subreddit on reddit, I have decided to start documenting 3 (hopefully) things I learn on a daily (or, more likely, occasional) basis.

So… what did I learn today?

  1. One Bus Away (a public transit scheduling app developed by a UW student) is going to receive $150k in funding from Puget Sound transit agencies (source)
  2. XML is 15 years old
  3. Honecrisp apples can be refrigerated for six months and still be good (source)