Nimble Quest

Nimble Quest


From the company that created Tiny Tower and Star Wars: Tiny Death Star, Nimble Quest is a new take on the classic video game, Snake.

Form a line of heroes and steer through endless levels fighting enemies. Just like in Snake, you can’t stop your heroes from moving forward and you have to avoid running into enemies and walls. Collect gems and power ups, avoid damage and obstacles, buy upgrades, and clear levels to unlock more heroes.

Nimble Quest


Simple and cute, Nimble Quest is a clever re-imagining of Snake. Levels start out easy and gradually get more difficult. On the downside, it can feel grindy and repetitive.

In addition to gems, there is a premium token currency. Before I figured out how levels worked and that tokens are rare, I stupidly wasted all of my tokens retrying levels (which the game prompts you to do). If you decide to play the game, don’t do that. 😛

If you’re looking for a game you can pick up and play for a few minutes at a time, this would be a good pick. I played the PC version, but I think Nimble Quest would work well on mobile devices (it was designed for them). Although the game is free-to-play on mobile, you have to pay to unlock red gems (worth 10x as much as normal green gems).

You might like this game if you like…

  • The classic video game, Snake
  • Casual games
  • RPG elements

Want to play?

$4.99 on Steam (I got it on sale for $0.49) | Free on Android and iOS

Tiny Death Star

Tiny Death Star: Leia fighting a stormtrooper

Star Wars: Tiny Death Star was released last week, a Star-Wars-themed version of Tiny Tower. In Tiny Tower, you build up a tower by adding floors of residential and commercial areas to attract virtual people (“bitizens”) to move there and spend money, so you can build your tower further. It’s a simple game, but it’s one that I was hooked on for a while. It also won iPhone Game of the Year in 2011.

Gameplay in Tiny Death Star is very much the same as Tiny Tower, but with a Star Wars theme. The “bitizens” take the form of pixelated ewoks, droids, and stormtroopers and characters like Leia, Lando, and Boba Fett make occasional appearances. Perhaps the biggest difference is the addition of Imperial floors, which let you build floors beneath the tower to interrogate rebel spies and create star maps.

Tiny Death Star: Elevator
Using the Elevator
Tiny Death Star: Suspect
Rebel Suspect
Tiny Death Star: Workers
Bitizen Workers

Tiny Death Star is every bit as addicting as the original version (since it’s more or less a reskin) and I think they did a great job with the Star Wars theme. I’ve noticed a few issues with the game, though. Although you can link it to your Google+ account, you cannot sync the game across multiple devices. Bizarre. The game also continues to play sound effects even when you have them turned off in the settings menu. Hopefully, those will both get fixed in an update or something.

Tiny Death Star is free in the Google Play Store and iTunes Store.