TUG Early Access: Alpha 0.8.2

TUG is an open-world sandbox crafting game that I funded on Kickstarter. It’s been a while since I last played it, so I wanted to see how the game is coming along. TUG is in early access, so of course the game is still very much a work in progress.

TUG: Stone furnace

Current version (Alpha 0.8.2) feedback

TUG: Smooth caves
Smooth, curvy caves

The good:

  • The world is large and fun to explore, with many different biomes.
  • Crafting is interesting and complex.
  • When mining, it leaves smooth, curvy caves that look a lot more natural than mining large voxel blocks.
  • Goats!

The bad:

  • Still no tutorial or tooltips, but the wiki is helpful (especially for crafting).
  • Controls are a little wonky and unintuitive.
  • There is a 3rd person view (press “x”), but it doesn’t seem as usable as 1st person.
  • Shortcut bar only has 4 slots.
  • No character customization yet.
  • Fires don’t last long enough.
  • A saber cat ate me. :'(

Version 0.8.2 trailer

Want to play?

$19.99 on Steam | $9.99 (for now) on Humble Store & developer’s website


Coma:Mortuary (Episode 1) is the first part of an adventure/horror trilogy. It was released last month and I got it from a friend during the Steam Summer Sale.



Coma:Mortuary is about a guy who tried to commit suicide via car accident after his girlfriend died. He miraculously survived, but fell into a coma, leaving his soul trapped in the world of the dead.


Horror games aren’t really my thing, but I decided to give Coma:Mortuary a try anyway. After some unnecessarily shaky cutscenes, I found myself in control of the character in some sort of cave. I spent the next 15 minutes or so slowly walking through the world while listening to dialogue. It’s not like I was exploring the world, either — just following the path at a snail’s pace. Occasionally, I’d see some wriggling corpses or ghostly silhouettes.

Coma Mortuary In Game

And then I died. Without any idea why. The screen just faded to black and after a few seconds, I got a screen that said “You are dead!” with the options to resume the game or quit. Umm okay. So I resumed the game and kept walking. By this point, I had some limited options on where I could go, so I went a different way than before. And then I died all of a sudden. Again. And that’s when I called it quits.

The good: The graphics and atmosphere are great. The flashlight effect looks good, too.  The voice acting doesn’t suck.

The bad: The first ~15 minutes of the game are painfully slow and you don’t have any freedom; you just keep walking along the path and listening to dialogue. There was a tooltip right at the beginning for how to interact with the environment, but I never saw anything I could interact with. Maybe I just didn’t play far enough. The sudden, unexplained deaths made me finally give up on the game.

TL;DR The game creators know how to make a game look good, but gameplay sure sucked. I wouldn’t even recommend it for the $0.59 it’s currently going for.

Want to play?

$0.59 on Steam (90% off during the Steam Summer Sale)

TUG Early Access: Alpha 0.5

A year ago, I helped fund TUG, a multiplayer open world sandbox RPG, on Kickstarter and I just got my Steam Early Access key! Since it’s in alpha, it’s pretty crude right now, but it’s fun to see how it’s coming along.

Current version (Alpha 0.5.3918) feedback

TUG Bamboo Forest
Bamboo forest

The good:

  • The procedurally-generated worlds are pretty neat and varying.
  • You can interact with the environment and use resources to craft tools and weapons.
  • Multiplayer support!

The bad:

  • There isn’t a tutorial or tooltips yet. I figured out how to gather resources on my own and eventually figured out how to open my inventory (by pressing “E” for some reason), but crafting is not at all obvious. Thank goodness for a helpful wiki! 🙂
  • The drain on hunger felt excessive. My poor little character kept starving while I was figuring things out.
  • No 3rd person camera view yet, from what I can tell. It’ll be in the finished game, though. Hurrah!

Overall, I think TUG has a lot of potential and I’m really excited about it. They have lots of really cool ideas (like characters that change and grow based on their diet and how you play them) and I think the finished game is going to be awesome.

Early access trailer

Want to play?

Get early access to the game + the full game at launch for $9.99 on Steam.

City Quest & Fish vs. Crabs

A couple friends of mine have their games up on Kickstarter and Steam Greenlight. Please check them out!

City QuestCity Quest

“City Quest is a classic Point and Click adventure game about a small town farmer that comes to the big city to make his dreams come true. On his way to great success, he’ll solve puzzles, meet and converse with shady individuals, and make many poor decisions, often resulting in violent low resolution death.”

City Quest: Kickstarter | Steam Greenlight

Fish vs. CrabsFish vs. Crabs

“Fish vs. Crabs is a fully immersive 3D underwater Tower Defense Game. You play the role of the fish defending your eggs from invading crabs, shrimp and lobster. The invaders advance along the sandy ocean bottom toward their goal. You must strategically place your towers in an effort to prevent the invaders from reaching your eggs and escaping with them.”

Fish vs. Crabs: Kickstarter | Steam Greenlight