CreaVures is a physics-based puzzle platform game in which you guide pairs of “CreaVures” through the world. Each of the five CreaVure characters has its own unique abilities and you need to make them work together to progress through the levels.


The good:

  • CreaVures is a visually stunning game. I really loved the overall look of the game and its characters. It takes place on a bioluminescent world resemblant of Avatar.
  • The cutscenes are kinda cute. I wish they didn’t use a 4:3 aspect ratio for the cutscenes, though.

The bad:

  • You control two characters at once. While this is necessary for getting past many of the challenges, it means that once one character is through an area, you need to go back and do the same thing again with the other character.
  • No co-op.
  • Jumping can be a little frustrating, but I generally have issues with jumping in games. 😛
  • The main menu looks awful and there is no mouseover feedback on the buttons.
  • The names of the CreaVures are pretty hokey: Bitey, Pokey, Zappy, Rolly, & Glidey. At least the names indicate what the character is used for, though?
Climbing a wall as Pokey

So overall, it’s a very pretty game, but it’s fairly simple and tedious and it could use a little more polish. It’s not a bad game, but it’s probably better suited for kids than adults.

I’d recommend Trine 2 instead, which is a similar game that I enjoyed a lot more… and it’s even more beautiful. ^_^

Scribblenauts Remix

Though it has been available for Android via the Amazon Appstore since April, Scribblenauts Remix is now in the Google Play Store for $0.99.

Scribblenauts Remix

Scribblenauts Remix is a mobile version of the popular Scribblenauts puzzle game franchise in which players complete puzzles by summoning objects, limited only by their imagination and the thousands of items in the database.

I first heard about Scribblenauts via Scribblenauts Unlimited on Steam and all the hype it generated on the internet, so I was excited to try Scribblenauts Remix when it came out.

Scribblenauts: Super giant spotted pegasus
Super giant spotted pegasus

The graphics are super cute and I really like the creative puzzle-solving. You can even spawn a “super giant spotted pegasus” if you want. The puzzles themselves are simple yet amusing, like helping step-brothers become friends through their love of sports or helping a knight in armor get across a river.

Scribblenauts Remix is a fun, think-outside-the-box type of game that people of all ages can enjoy. And for only $0.99, it’s totally worth picking up.

Get it on Google Play  Scribblenauts Remix - Warner Bros.

Want more Scribblenauts? Here are the other versions of the game:

Four Men in Hats

I stumbled upon a brain teaser today called the Four Men in Hats Puzzle (aka the Prisoners and Hats Puzzle). Here’s the puzzle:

Four Men in Hats

Shown above are four men buried up to their necks in the ground. They cannot move, so they can only look forward. Between A and B is a brick wall which cannot be seen through.

They all know that between them they are wearing four hats–two black and two white–but they do not know what color they are wearing. Each of them know where the other three men are buried.

In order to avoid being shot, one of them must call out to the executioner the color of their hat. If they get it wrong, everyone will be shot. They are not allowed to talk to each other and have 10 minutes to fathom it out.

After one minute, one of them calls out.

Question: Which one of them calls out? Why is he 100% certain of the color of his hat?

Keep reading if you want to know the answer.

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Trine 2

Trine 2 Characters
Trine 2 Characters

Trine 2 is another game I picked up during the Steam Summer Sale. It’s a sidescrolling puzzle and action-adventure platform game… and it’s as visually attractive as it is fun to play.


You get to play as each of three different characters in Trine 2:

  • Amadeus (the wizard) – He can grab and move objects and conjure boxes and planks.
  • Zoya (the thief) – She can shoot arrows with her bow and use her grappling hook to move around.
  • Pontius (the knight) – He uses his sword and shield to defeat foes in combat and he has a hammer he can throw.
Trine 2 Wizard
Amadeus (Wizard)
Trine 2 Thief
Zoya (Thief)
Trine 2 Knight
Pontius (Knight)
Each of the characters has its own health meter and you can switch between characters on the fly (as long as the character isn’t dead). Health is restored at the various checkpoints in the game.

The Rest of the Game

The game world is really pretty. It’s full of detail and vibrant colors, which I love. There are some fun and interesting world objects, too, like giant snails and frogs that you can interact with.

The game world is full of obstacles and puzzles to challenge players, too. For instance, one recurring puzzle involves watering plants to make them grow. The player needs to find the water source and manipulate the game objects in such a way that the plant get watered. Other challenges include fighting goblins when they show up, getting across ravines filled with spikes, rerouting steam jets, and dodging fireball-spitting plants. There are also occasional boss fights, but for the most part, I find them to be rather anti-climactic.

Trine 2 Skill Tree
Trine 2 Skill Tree

To challenge players further, the levels are filled with objects for players to collect. There are glowing vials throughout the game that generally require some clever thinking to acquire. When the player collects 50 vials, he/she earns a point for the skill tree. The points can be spent on things like an increased number of conjured items for the wizard, fire arrows for the thief, and charge for the knight. Players can also find hidden treasure chests, which contain paintings and poems that tell more of the story.

A really cool feature about Trine 2 is that it supports online co-op, so you can play with up to two of your friends. When you play with other people, you each get to play as one of the characters (you can switch characters if you want). This lets you do some pretty neat things like using the wizard to fly the other characters around on planks and boxes.

Trine 2 Co-Op
Trine 2 Three-Player Online Co-Op

Overall Thoughts

I love Trine 2. 🙂 It’s fun to play and it’s such a beautiful game. I really like that you can play co-op, too. Highly recommended!


Unfinished Unolingo Puzzle
Unfinished Unolingo Puzzle

Yesterday, Amazon’s free app of the day was a word puzzle called Unolingo. It’s a cross between Sudoku and word games like Scrabble and crossword puzzles. I play Sudoku daily on an app called Enjoy Sudoku and I love word puzzles, so I definitely wanted to give Unolingo a try.

The game is pretty self-explanatory; you can jump right in to playing without reading instructions. You get to choose your difficulty level and are then given a 10 by 10 crossword grid made up of letters and 26 empty spaces. There are no clues. You just have to place each letter of the alphabet into the puzzle once to form words.

I like how quickly I was able to start playing. The puzzles are challenging, but it seems like they can generally be completed within 5-10 minutes, so it’s perfect for when you want some quick entertainment. My only complaint was that it prompts you to post your score on Facebook after every puzzle completion, but you can turn that off in the game settings.

Minecraft: The Dropper

Someone named Bigre created a pretty cool falling puzzle game called “The Dropper” for Minecraft and a couple people recorded themselves trying it out in the video below. In the falling puzzle game, you start out very high up on the map and the floor drops out beneath you. The goal is to survive the fall without breaking blocks.

Part 1:

If you thought that was cool, be sure to check out Part 2 and Part 3! And if you’re interested in downloading the map yourself, go to Bigre’s post.

Car Goat Problem

Six or seven years ago, I took a philosophy class in which the professor introduced me to the “Car Goat Problem” (also known as the “Monty Hall problem“). The problem is this:

Imagine you are on a game show and there are three doors in front of you. Behind one of the doors is a car and behind the other two doors are goats. The game show hosts asks you to choose one of the doors (the one you believe has the car). Then, the host opens one of the other doors, which has a goat. The host then gives you an opportunity to change your mind. You win whatever is behind the door your choose. Should you switch doors or should you stay with your initial door? Or does it not matter?

So, what do you think? My solution is below.

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