New Phone: Nexus S 4G

New Phone & Old Phone
New phone (Nexus S 4G) and old phone (Motorola RAZR)

A month ago, Nick and I (finally) gave in and got ourselves smart phones to replace the Motorola RAZR’s we’d been using for the last 5-6 years. We had been on a T-Mobile plan, but after it was announced that AT&T was acquiring T-Mobile, we decided it was time to switch plans and look for new phones.

We made up our minds to switch to Sprint and then went back and forth between Google’s Nexus S 4G and the HTC EVO 3D for a while before deciding to go with the Nexus S (the EVO 3D still isn’t even available). We got our phones the day they were released, May 8, two days before Nick’s birthday. 😛

So what do we think of our new phones so far?

One thing that’s great about our new phones is that they replace our crummy, outdated digital camera. And shortly before getting our phones, Nick accidentally broke our GPS navigator by slamming it in the car door, so our phones have more or less taken over for navigation, too.

They’re also handy when going shopping. Nick and I went to Kroger a couple weeks ago – our first trip since we got our smart phones. Before we went, we used the Kroger app to find coupons and apply them to our Kroger card. To keep track of our shopping list, we used an app called CloudList. While we were at Kroger, we used ShopSavvy to scan the barcode of an item and see if the price was competitive. We found out that local stores in the area sold it for approximately the same price, but we could buy it online through for half the price. 😛

Some other great apps are RunKeeper (which we use to keep track of our walks), the Amazon Appstore (free app every day!), and TuneIn Radio (for listening to radio stations on the go). As for games, I love Plants Vs Zombies and Bubble Buster, among others.

TL;DR Replaced my old flip phone with a new smart phone. New toys are fun. 🙂