GoldPerHour WoW Addon

Today, I started to teach myself how to make addons for World of Warcraft. WoW addons are made using Lua and XML, so it was a good opportunity for me to brush up on my skills. I began by going through WoWWiki‘s Hello World tutorial.

Then, I decided to make my own addon called “GoldPerHour.” The purpose of GoldPerHour would be to keep track of how much gold the player makes in a given period of time. It began as nothing more than a set of slash commands that would print various messages depending on the command. Then, as I learned more about the WoW API, I made it so that the addon kept track of time and income. Gradually, I added additional functionality (such as pause, resume, and reset). Before long, I had a fully functional addon that accurately kept track of my gold income per hour.

GoldPerHour Screenshot
GoldPerHour in-game screenshot with added slash commands

After a brief search online, I was unable to find another addon that did what my addon does. Well, I did find references to a similar addon, but it was abandoned 2 years ago and is no longer available.

My next step is to give my addon a GUI, so you can use it with more than just slash commands. I think once that is done, I will put my addon up on Curse. Woot!

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