Starting Area

BrowserQuest is a cute, simple MMORPG made by Mozilla (the guys who make Firefox). It was created in HTML 5, so all you need is a modern browser – no plug-ins required. In BrowserQuest, you wander around the world and fight monsters to gain armor and weapons. There are funny pop culture references along the way (to things like Portal and Rickrolling) and there are 20 different achievements players can get. It’s a short enough game that you can complete it in under half an hour. If you’re wondering how it works, the source code is available on GitHub.

Play it now: BrowserQuest



Desktop Help Request Client

My Windows desktop application (formerly known as Info Gatherer) is now on GitHub!

Direct link to the GitHub project: Desktop Help Request Client repository

Prior to today, I had only used the version control system Subversion, so Git was completely new to me. The GitHub tutorial made it easy to get started. Learning about git status was helpful, too. 😛 I still have a lot to learn about Git, but it’s fun to learn something new. 🙂

A slightly customized version of Desktop Help Request Client (DHRC) was installed on the University of Washington Information School lab computers this week. I’m pretty geeked that people are going to be using it. :geek: