Ender’s Game

Ender's GameI’m always looking for books to read. I usually find books based on recommendations from friends and family or online sources like /r/books. Over the last few weeks, I’ve put together a spreadsheet (have I mentioned I love spreadsheets?) that’s a compilation of half a dozen “Top 100” book lists I found. My favorite genres are science fiction and fantasy, so a few of the lists are heavily sci-fi/fantasy based. I then came up with an equation that rates books based on their rankings in the list, with the most liked books at the top. My long list of books will definitely keep me busy for a while. 🙂

Ender’s Game was #3 in my list (behind The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy and the Dune series, which I’ll read soon) and it’s one that always seems to show up in discussions of favorite books. I decided to read it, knowing nothing about it other than the fact that it’s a well-loved sci-fi book.

Ender's Game (Movie)
Still from the Ender’s Game movie

Ender’s Game is set in a futuristic Earth and is about a young boy named Ender, born a third child in spite of Earth’s two-child policy. Earth had been attacked twice by an insect-like alien race dubbed the “buggers.” Fearing a third invasion, the International Fleet (IF) seeks a strong commander and strategist. In hopes that Ender might be the leader they were looking for, they send Ender to Battle School for training. In spite of his age and size, Ender does well in school and exceeds expectations, overcoming all obstacles thrown at him… but is Ender capable of protecting Earth from the buggers?

While I enjoyed Ender’s Game and thought it was worth reading, I wasn’t blown away by it quite like I was expecting. Nevertheless, I’m looking forward to reading Speaker of the Dead, sequel to Ender’s Game.

Also worth noting, the Ender’s Game movie is due to be released November 1, 2013. It’s always interesting to see Hollywood’s take on the books I’ve read.