Humble Bundle with Android 5

Humble Bundle is out with its latest bundle: Humble Bundle with Android 5. Humble Bundles are collections of DRM-free video games and you pay what you want for them. As long as you spend more than the average purchase, you also get a few bonus games.

The six games in Humble Bundle with Android 5 run on Windows, OS X, Linux, and Android. You also get the game soundtracks and, as long as you pay at least $1, you get Steam keys for the games.

The Games

I played each of these games for a little while (some longer than others) on my Nexus 7 tablet.

Beat Hazard UltraBeat Hazard Ultra
music-powered arcade shooter

The essence of Beat Hazard Ultra is that it creates levels for you based on your music and then you shoot away until the song is done. A lot of people seem to like Beat Hazard Ultra, but it didn’t do much for me… and it can’t play music from Google Music, which was a bummer. Maybe I’ll try it out on my PC later to see if I like the experience more.

Dynamite JackDynamite Jack
stealth action game with bombs

In Dynamite Jack, you play as a captured space marine who is trying to escape the mines where he is forced to work. You place bombs to draw the attention of the guards, collect crystals to try to reduce time, and make your way to the next level. It seems okay, but not really the sort of game I’d want to play.

NightSky HDNightSky HD
physics-based action-puzzle game

The basic idea of NightSky is that you maneuver a sphere around various worlds using physics. The interface is simple and intuitive and there are occasionally mechanics like pinball flippers, vehicles, and reversing gravity to keep things interesting. I don’t usually care for dark designs, but I enjoyed NightSky and it makes a great mobile game.

Solar 2Solar 2
open-world space sandbox game

Solar 2 is easily one of my favorites in this bundle. You start the open-ended game as an asteroid and after you crash into enough other asteroids, you become a planet. As a planet, you try to get asteroids to orbit you and after a while, your planet supports life and you get ships to defend you from asteroids and other ships. Absorb enough asteroids and you’ll turn into a sun, and so on.  Super fun. I ended up playing a lot longer than I had planned. 😛

The next two games are unlocked if you pay more than the average (currently, $6.65).

Dungeon Defenders Second WaveDungeon Defenders
action RPG tower defense game

With Dungeon Defenders, you get Dungeon Defenders: Second Wave on Android devices, which has a hefty ~700MB additional data download when you first launch it. You also get non-mobile version of the game and all DLC (downloadable content). The game with all its DLC is $49.99 on Steam, so you’re getting a great deal by buying the bundle. I first played Dungeon Defenders on the PS3 a couple years ago and liked it. I didn’t care for playing it on my tablet; though. Although the graphics were great, I felt clumsy using the controls and the build phase took too long. It’s a good game; I just don’t think it works well for mobile devices.

Super HexagonSuper Hexagon
minimal geometric action game

Super Hexagon is a super fun, quick, challenging game. You guide a triangle around by moving it left and right and you try to avoid the incoming, rotating lines. It’s a simple idea, but it’s really tough! The games are very quick (I got tired of hearing “Game over!” all the time lol) and there are only two controls (left and right), which makes it a great mobile game. Super Hexagon is ridiculously simple, addictive, and challenging… and another one of my favorite games from this bundle.

There are less than 12 days remaining, so if you want to grab the Humble Bundle, make sure you do it soon!