WoW Leveling Suggestions for Blizzard

I have leveled many characters in World of Warcraft over the past few years and although it has gotten better (mounts at lower levels, dungeon finder, etc.), I have a few simple suggestions that would improve the WoW leveling experience:

  1. Improved drinking water
    There are so many problems with drinking water. First of all, dungeons should drop appropriate water for the level of the people running the dungeon. Too often, dungeons have weak, low-level water. Second, water should fill up mana faster. You can’t drink water in combat, so it only serves as a delay between pulls. Lessening the time spent waiting around would be nice. Third, conjured mage refreshments should keep up with the drinks you can buy in the inns.
  2. Ability to share all quests (assuming the recipient is eligible)
    Currently, only certain quests are sharable. It seems like quests are unsharable if they have a quest item. I guess this makes sense from a realistic perspective (how can you get an item out of nowhere?), but it just makes things frustrating when playing with other people. This can be especially annoying when when you are brought into a partially-finished dungeon and the group can’t share all the quests with you. It would be rude to run back to the beginning to grab the quest yourself, so you just lose out because the quest was unsharable.
  3. If you can queue for the dungeon, you can take the dungeon’s quests
    It’s annoying to get put in a dungeon only to have the dungeon quests grey for you. If you are deemed eligible to kill bosses, you should be able to get quests to kill those bosses. Thankfully, there are only a few dungeons with this issue.
  4. If you can queue for the dungeon, you can equip the dungeon’s gear
    Some dungeons drop gear that have higher level requirements than are needed to queue for the dungeon. I have a level 68 character who is holding onto several pieces of gear from dungeons because she has to wait until she turns level 70 to wear them.
  5. Smarter “kick from group” in dungeons
    If someone is not with the group or is not participating, you shouldn’t have to wait long before you can kick them. Having to wait 10 minutes or more to boot someone who isn’t even there is a little ridiculous.
  6. Cross-server heirlooms
    Heirloom items are bind-on-account, so it makes sense that one would be able to use them on any character on the account, regardless of server. There are rumors that this might happen in Mists of Pandaria. *Fingers crossed* 🙂