Skyrim: College of Winterhold

I started my day today by slaying two dragons. I also got into a fight with a giant and a mammoth (at the same time – not easy!!) and survived due to lots of kiting. 😛

I spent most of my time in Skyrim today doing a bunch of silliness and exploring, but I did make it to the College of Winterhold, where I impressed the mages with my arcane knowledge. 😉 At the end of the day, I upgraded my house and it looks much better now. I seem to have lost my faithful companion, Faendel, though. Not sure where he disappeared to and I’m hoping he’ll show up tomorrow.

Today in pictures:

Slain Dragon
I slayed two dragons this morning!
Skinny dippers
Found some people skinny dipping 😉
College of Winterhold
I made it to the College of Winterhold
Cave exploration
Exploring a cave with my buddy, Faendel
Night sky
Pretty night sky
My redecorated home
Oh, and I also had to switch strafing from buttons Q and E back to Skyrim’s default A and D. I found that I couldn’t loot books without remapping my keys (ick), so I gave up and went back to default. 😛

Also also, when I was fighting my first dragon today, I actually killed it twice. Skyrim crashed on me as I killed the dragon the first time, so I had to kill it again. 🙁 It’s the first (and only) time Skyrim has crashed on me, but it’s crashed a few times already for Nick.

Skyrim: Slain dragon and new home

I killed my first dragon and then found out I am a Dragonborn (which means I am super special and can use dragon shouts). 😮 Then, I squandered all of my gold on a house in Whiterun, leaving me with only 69 gold. My house is pretty shabby and sad, but I’ll be able to upgrade it once I have more gold.

Slain dragon
I slayed a dragon!
Breezehome, my first house

Well, I think that’s enough adventuring for today. I will travel to the College of Winterhold tomorrow to get some mage training and join the mage guild.