Info Gatherer

Project Scope

My husband, Nick West, works at the Information School at the University of Washington. Yesterday, Nick told me that the team he works with could use my help. They needed a desktop application that would run on Windows (specifically, Windows 7). The application would gather some basic system information about the computer, along with information from the user, and then post the data (in JSON format) to a given URL.

Info Gatherer
My Info Gatherer application

The information they wanted was:

  • Machine name
  • Username of logged-in user
  • Local IP address
  • List of running processes
  • Timestamp
  • Name (submitted by user)
  • Email (submitted by user)
  • Comments (submitted by user)

The application itself would be a form with name, email, and comment fields and a submit button for submitting the data (the system information would be hidden from the user).

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Eskimo Escapades I: The Land Bridge

As mentioned on the Projects page, Eskimo Escapades I: The Land Bridge (EE1) is a game I created in C#, using XNA and Torque X, for my Game Programming Class (Fall 2010). It was designed to be used with an Xbox 360 controller, but it also works with equivalent keyboard input. My professor is involved in researching a narrow land bridge that spanned across Lake Huron thousands of years ago and he wanted us to create a game based on the land bridge. EE1 is a classic-style, turn-based, role-playing game (RPG) in which the player controls a team of four young Eskimos (warrior, mage, hunter, and healer) to get them across the land bridge to Canada. As the player moves across the game map, he or she encounters three bosses along the way: The Angry Snowman, The Lonely Yeti, and Scott the Mountie. These encounters trigger battles with the bosses and the player must defeat each of the bosses (using the four characters’ unique abilities) in order to get to Canada.

I want to go a little more in depth about the game, with more screenshots and a more detailed description.

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