I Moved to Seattle!

Wow! It has been a crazy month and a half!

In the middle of June, Nick was offered a job at the University of Washington Information School as a web developer, which gave us only two weeks to coordinate our move out to Seattle. We somehow managed to do it, though! We’ve been documenting our move on our blog, Wests Go West.


Nick and I have been living in our apartment for two weeks now. Nick loves living so close to work. He takes a bus three miles to and from work everyday, which is much better than the 30-mile each way drive we were doing before! The weather has been great. While the rest of the country is suffering from a massive heat wave, temperatures are staying in the 70’s here in Seattle. 🙂 Nick and I have been busy, too! Now that we’re back in Seattle, we’ve been going on adventures and spending a lot of time with friends and family.

I updated my resume earlier this week, so now it’s time for me to start looking for a job!