If you could know (with 100% certainty) when you were going to meet your soul mate, would you want to know?

It’s an interesting idea that was explored in a movie I watched last night called TiMER. In the movie, timers are placed on the wrists of those who want them (most people do). If your soul mate also has a timer, your timer will count down to the day you meet your soul mate. If your soul mate does not have a timer, your timer remains blank.

The movie considers the implications of such a device, too. Dating is now more or less considered a thing of the past, although people still have one-night stands. When meeting someone you may be interested in, you quickly look at each other’s timers. If the timers don’t match up, is it worth your time to get to know them and have a relationship with them? Is it wrong or cheating to be with someone you know is not your soul mate? What happens when two adolescent kids find out that they are soul mates? Is it better to have a blank timer or to have years before your timer goes off?

Should you, as the movie trailer asks, live in the moment or wait for true love?

Skyrim: Fun with baskets

Yesterday, on 11/11/11, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim was released. Nick and I bought the PC version and he spent most of the day playing. I wasn’t feeling well, so I opted for cocooning myself in a blanket on the couch and reading The Evolution of Bruno Littlemore. I’m feeling better today, though, so I adventured into the world of Skyrim. Inspired by the following video, one of the first things I was determined to do was put a basket on someone’s head.

Skyrim Basket
Success! I put a basket on someone's head. 🙂

My biggest complaint so far is (of course) that there isn’t a way to play multiplayer, even on LAN. My second biggest complaint is that there isn’t a way to run Skyrim well in windowed mode. Very annoying. Also, the left/right equipping thing is counter-intuitive. When you equip something in your left hand, you use your right mouse button (mouse button 2) to use it and you use your left mouse button (mouse button 1) to use something in your right hand. Thankfully, you can remap the keys. 😛 Unfortunately, the tooltips don’t always change when you remap keys. Silly Bethesda developers.

I haven’t played enough yet to really review the game yet, but it seems enjoyable so far. I’ve spent most of my time goofing off and chatting with the townsfolk… and getting used to the controls.

Now, back to the game! I must venture to the city of Whiterun!


A few days ago, I saw the following video in which two chatbots talk to each other. I think my favorite part of the video is when one bot says, “Together we are robots” and the other bot responds, “I am not a robot. I am a unicorn.” Heehee. 😛

The video inspired me to find some other chatbots to talk with each other. Immediately, I thought of SmarterChild, a bot on AIM (AOL Instant Messenger), but SmarterChild was taken down in May 2009. So, I searched online and found Cleverbot. Perfect! Some funny snippets from the bots’ conversations are below:

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