King’s Landing in Minecraft

A few months ago, I found out about a Minecraft server where the players were recreating the entirety of Westeros (the continent where most of the Game of Thrones series takes place). I visited the server and the map was HUGE! It was really neat to explore the cities, roads, and landmarks from the book/TV … Continue reading King’s Landing in Minecraft

Minecraft: The Dropper

Someone named Bigre created a pretty cool falling puzzle game called “The Dropper” for Minecraft and a couple people recorded themselves trying it out in the video below. In the falling puzzle game, you start out very high up on the map and the floor drops out beneath you. The goal is to survive the fall … Continue reading Minecraft: The Dropper

Humble Jumbo Bundle 2

The latest Humble Bundle, Humble Jumbo Bundle 2, is packed full of great games (including some of my favorites) for the low price of pay-whatever-you-want. Pay $1 or more for: The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing – Complete Pack Deadlight Galactic Civilizations II: Ultimate Edition Beat the average for: Terraria THE KING OF FIGHTERS XIII … Continue reading Humble Jumbo Bundle 2


Do you like clicking things and building your own civilization? CivClicker is a new browser game (based on Cookie Clicker) that lets you do just that! Click to gather each of three resources: food, wood, and stone. Once you have a shelter and enough food, you can start creating workers to do the clicking for you. You … Continue reading CivClicker

Reddit’s Top 25 Android Games

A list of Reddit’s Top 25 Android Games voted on by gamers in the androidgaming and android subreddits was just published. I haven’t played all of the games (and some were new to me), but I’ll do a quick review of the ones I know: #22: Triple Town [Free] Super addicting match 3 game in which you try … Continue reading Reddit’s Top 25 Android Games


After seeing tons of recommendations for Terraria online, Nick and I bought the game during a Steam sale last year. We finally got around to playing it this weekend and we’re hooked. 🙂 What is Terraria? Terraria is an action-adventure RPG game that is more or less a 2D take on Minecraft. You create a character and then … Continue reading Terraria