So I finally got around to playing the original Portal game last week. I know, it’s about time.

Portal logo


Portal is a 3D first-person puzzle game that won all sorts of awards for its innovative gameplay. You play as a laboratory test subject who is challenged and chastised by an artificially intelligent system known as GLaDOS. A special portal gun lets you place two portals, which allow objects to pass between them. With the aid of the portal gun, you use your wits, creativity, and physics to get through the series of test chambers.

One of the Portal test chambers


Portal is a brilliant game that uses a unique mechanic to create fun, physics-based challenges. On top of that, the story is interesting and I love the sense of humor.

I highly recommend Portal, because it’s amazing. The biggest criticisms I have are that it is short (only a few hours, although the advanced maps and challenges give it some replayability) and single-player only (Portal 2 added co-op).

Want to play?

$9.99 on Steam