After seeing tons of recommendations for Terraria online, Nick and I bought the game during a Steam sale last year. We finally got around to playing it this weekend and we’re hooked. 🙂

What is Terraria?

Terraria is an action-adventure RPG game that is more or less a 2D take on Minecraft. You create a character and then you explore, dig, craft, fight, and build in your own unique world. It also supports multiplayer, so you can play with your friends either online or via LAN. Terraria is available on PC and, as of last month, also PlayStation and Xbox.

Exploring the world
Exploring the world

What makes Terraria great?

Terraria is a sandbox game, which means it’s open for you to explore and play how you want to play. If you like swinging swords or throwing shurikens, you can do that. If you prefer to be a caster, you can focus on mana gear and use magic weapons. There aren’t classes, so you can switch it up anytime. You can choose to build amazing structures or spend your time exploring or fighting bosses… or all of the above!

Terraria has plenty of content to keep things interesting. There are lots of biomes (environments), 9 bosses, a handful of NPCs, tons of enemies to fight, and random events like blood moonsgoblin invasions, and meteorites.

A few other things I was impressed by in Terraria are water flow, lighting, and AI pathing.

What would make Terraria better?

Creating a character
Creating a character

I didn’t care for the character creation screen. It’s essentially a long list of things you can change the color of (from hair to clothing items). It’s a lot of back and forth between different screens adjusting RGB values.

The first time playing can be rough. A couple people I know tried Terraria only to be confused and turned off by the initial experience.

This one’s just a minor thing, but it would be nice to have some idea where the other players are when you’re playing multiplayer. It could be arrows on the screen indicating direction (like in Salem) or maybe it could be an item like the Depth Meter or Compass.

Oh, and ladders. Platforms are awkward. 😛

Overall Thoughts

I totally recommend picking up Terraria, especially if you’re a fan of Minecraft. I’m pretty hooked on it right now and I love exploring the world and coming across new things all the time. Plus, the Purple Phaseblade I got last night is pretty sweet. 😛

Playing with our new Phaseblades
Playing with our new Phaseblades

Terraria is also supposed to be getting a big update (version 1.2) in the next month or two, which I’m excited about. There’s a list of update spoilers in the official forum.