WoW Addons

Nick and I started playing World of Warcraft again last month, after a little bit of peer pressure. 😛 Well, I was asked which addons I use, so here are some of the main ones:

  • Altoholic – Yeah, I’m an altoholic. I love learning all the different classes and specs. I have leveled every class, except for rogue and hunter, to level 80+. Because I play so many different characters, Altoholic is a godsend. It allows you to see the gear, talents, skills, inventories, achievements, etc. of all of your characters without having to annoy your friends by switching back and forth between them.
  • Auctioneer – One of WoW’s most popular addons, Auctioneer simplifies the auctioning experience.
  • Bagnon – I’m not sure I could play WoW anymore without this addon. 😛 It combines all of your bags into one large bag that is very customizable and searchable. It does the same with your personal bank and guild banks (although I typically disable the guild bank option).
  • Deadly Boss Mods – Another addon all WoW players should have. DBM is extremely helpful with boss fights in raids and dungeons by providing warnings and timers and such.
  • Dominos – While there are tons of other addons you can use to modify your action bars, I really like the simplicity of Dominos. With this addon, you can move and customize the padding, spacing, columns, scale, opacity, etc. of the 10 action bars.
  • HealBot – I doubt there is an effective healer out there who doesn’t use a healing addon. HealBot is the addon I use and it is probably the most popular. It gives you a grid of character bars that you can customize with your own savable skins. This lets you quickly switch between one skin for 5-man dungeons and another for raiding or PVPing or whatever. With HealBot, you assign spells and macros to different mouse and keyboard+mouse combinations, so that healing someone is as simple as pushing a button or two above that character’s bar. HealBot also does handy things like monitor aggro and buffs, so it’s useful for more than just healers.
  • NeedToKnow – Well, I haven’t actually used this addon yet; I only got it on Tuesday when I was re-downloading my addons for Patch 4.3. It is supposed to be a good replacement for DoTimer, an addon I used to use that is no longer being updated. DoTimer was super helpful for DoT-based classes (like Affliction warlocks), because it shows when the DoTs are going to expire on your targets. It looks like NeedToKnow has more features than DoTimer had, but I’ll have to spend some time customizing it to see what all it can do for me.
  • Postal – Helpful mailbox addon. It autocompletes names for your alts, friends, guildies, etc. and, most importantly, lets you open all of your mail with one click.
  • Recount – Another addon most WoW players have. Recount is a damage (and healing) meter.
  • TomTom – Navigation addon that lets you add and reset waypoints. It also has an optional arrow that will point you in the direction of your destination.