Airfoil – Audio throughout my Home

The Problem:
I couldn’t hear my music throughout the apartment anymore because my desk is now in an office, separate from the rest of the apartment. I wander around the apartment a lot, so I wanted a way to be able to listen to my music as I walk between the office and the larger living area.

I have a Windows PC in my office that has all of my music on it  and I still wanted to control which music is playing from my computer. I play my music using iTunes (are there any better options than iTunes out there?). I have a Mac Mini hooked up to my TV stereo system in the living area of the apartment (the Mini serves as a media center).

AirfoilThe Solution:
It seemed obvious enough that the solution was to get the centrally-located Mini to play the same music that my computer was playing. But how? Well, a program called Airfoil does just that! You have to pay for a license for the computer that sends the audio, but Airfoil Speakers is free for the computers that receive the audio… and it runs on Windows and Mac! Woot!

I’ve been using Airfoil for a week or two now and I love it! It does exactly what I wanted it to do. The audio output stays in sync, so I can walk from one room to the other without the song jumping. I can also transmit the audio from my computer to multiple output devices (if I wanted to). It doesn’t only work for iTunes, either; I can output the audio from any program I have running. Problem solved! 🙂